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How To Map Your First Process

Get a top-down perspective of your process with process maps and wave goodbye to the confusion and chaos.

Watch this 'how-to' video and start mapping your process in less than 15 minutes.

Mapping your first process

What You'll Get

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'How to' Guide

 Get a detailed breakdown of the steps involved in mapping any process.

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Do's and Don'ts

Get insights from experts on how to avoid pitfalls and map processes efficiently.

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Best Practices

Learn the best practices in process mapping - elements, workflows, and swimlanes.


What Our Customers Say

Tricia Gomez
“The work he did enabled me to get valuable time back! I should have done this a long time ago!”
Tara Bre
“Ran into some issues getting our processes to flow and got in touch with Processology! I am SO happy I did, what took me months and beating my head up around, their team was able to do so easy and fast! I am so thankful that I found them and they could make sense of what was becoming chaotic in my business! We are up and running more efficiently and better than ever!”
5d8a6e321edc3ca64c0d55d2_Alicia Castillo - CEO - Wealthing
Alicia CastilloCEO | WEALTHING, INC.
“Processology worked diligently reorganizing our process, making valuable suggestions, implementing changes and improvements, and as a result, we are now able to continue growing the Women Get Funding Training Platform.”

Need a Few More Answers?

Why do I need to map my processes?
Mapping your processes allows you to gain a clear understanding of how your business operates, identify areas for improvement, and streamline your operations for increased efficiency and productivity. By visualizing your processes, you can optimize workflows, reduce waste, and ultimately enhance the overall performance of your organization.
What will I gain out of this video?
You will gain a detailed understanding of the steps involved in mapping your process. If you are struggling with your process maps without expert help, this video is a perfect fit for you. It explains the elements, workflows and terminologies of process maps that are enough for you to start mapping your processes.
How does this video help me improve my processes?
The video has a self-help exercise that you can use to map your process and get more clarity on how your process, platforms, and teams function. All these findings give you a good head start in your process improvement journey.
Is this process mapping video enough to map all my processes?
This video is a good starting point in the process mapping exercise and helps you understand the basic steps and elements involved in process mapping. But you for complex business processes, it is always a good idea to get professional support. Get more help.
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